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The Following are simply unsolicited Email from Happy Customers.
I'm a lucky man to have such a great job!
     We had such a GREAT time!  I love to fish and that was such a wonderful trip!  I have never been able to catch so many fish!  It was so exciting for me!  Thank you so much for all of your help during the trip as well.  You were so quick to help me and make sure I had a great time!  I am very interested in coming back!  Especially for some big trophy blues!  Thank you so much for such a wonderful time with my dad!  He really enjoyed himself, too!  We will always have this memory together now!  Thanks so much!!


We had a great time and you really made the whole day very special and enjoyable. I will call you again and get the boys out for more. They both had a ball, as did my Dad! He said it was the best guided trip he has ever been on. I have been telling everyone I meet about the trip.

Thank you!

I want you to know how much you contributed to a very special time for me and my two grandsons. We have been on a few guided fishing excursions in the past, but both boys were quick to say that the way you interacted with them, your help and assistance without making them feel inadequate, and of course getting us on a lot of good fish made your trip the very best. I echo their sentiments. It was a great experience catching almost 100 fish, counting the ones released, in 2 1/2 to 3 hours. There is a big difference in fishing and catching. We've experienced both, and you showed us how much more fun the latter can be.
As good as the catching was, it would not have been as enjoyable had it not been for you. Thanks for a wondeful time. We will be back.

Hi Mark,
Just wanted to express our appreciation for being a gracious fishing host,  knowledgeable, and a cool guide.  The ladies, and the kids had an awesome time fishing with you.  The talk on the drive home was how they really loved fishing, and that they were hooked.  Now they want to start going out fishing more with us guys (not sure if I'm ready for that).  I've been on many guided trips, and all over the place, but I have to say you're one of the best.  I can tell you really love the sport yourself, and you go out of your way to make your clients feel at home, and to ensure that they are having a fun time out on the water.
I've attached a few Pics I took during the trip.  Hope you like them.  I'll be calling you soon, as I mentioned earlier that my oldest son is anxious to get in a trip soon. 
Again, thanks for fun!


Mike and Tom here. Thanks for a super guided trip. I will say you are the best guide we have worked with by far. We started Sunday not well. But we went back to one of the spots you helped us with and found birds working. And they stayed in a hundred yard circle from noon till 4:30. They would come and go but the schools of white bass and hybrids never left. We both caught about 10 doubles each and figured about 80 total. AMAZING. We let them all go so y'all can catch em again.

 Thanks again mark!

Awe Mark! We had the best day ever! We still cannot stop talking about how much fun we had and definitely can't believe all the fish we caught.

David made fish & chips and the girls had 2nd and 3rd helpings! They can't wait to go fishing with us!

We can't thank you enough! All our friends are asking about our day too! So hopefully we can get out there soon!

Thanks again!


Ps- I'm making david call me Sweet Melissa from now on!


Just a quick thank-you for a great day fishing on the 23rd.  Don and I had a great time and left him with enough filets to last for months. 

I've showed the picture of the big hybrid to fishing buddies here in GA.  One of them had just returned from a tarpon fishing trip to Nicarauga, and he said  we had a much more successful trip than he did.  I gave him your name and contact information. 

We try to connect once a year for a fishing trip.  So far, we've been nicely successful... last year we caught 11, 30-35 lb amberjacks fishing out of Orange 
Beach, AL... but I think we had more fun with you.

Thanks again for a great trip!
Madison, GA   

Thanks for taking us Mark!
We really had a great time. I know how expensive it gets when you have to cover that much water and I truly appreciate how hard you worked to find us that many fish. We also greatly appreciate your high level of expertise and knowledge of the lake and your understanding of the fish!

You're a great guide and we look forward to fishing with you again!

Trent & Waylon


Thanks again for providing us with such a great trip. We all had a great time. All my pastors could talk about was catching fish 2 at a time, and Bill is trying to figure out how to get his boys to give him a fishing trip for his birthday.

Once again thanks for being such a great guide, and fishing buddy. Hope to do it again sometime.

May God Bless,


We had a great time yesterday! We have been with several guides under different types of fishing.. but by far yesterday was the best!

Looking forward to next trip and the big winter cats!  It must be magic!

Thanks so much!




This was my third trip with you and truly the third time was the charm. You put us onto so many good fish and well over 50% of what we caught was C&R. It was a real thrill to catch that big black bass. As always your hospitality and treatment of your clients was top shelf. We had a great time from the time we left the dock until we returned.

Thanks again,

          Phil, RTSBA

We really enjoyed it. You are the Best we ever had! We are looking forward to next trip with You. Thanks for the fish, your patience and teaching. It was a wonderful day for us. I hope you have as much fun with your son next week as I did with mine today, thanks to you.

Best regards,

Mark, we had an awesome time. The boys loved it.
It was definetly worth the drive.  I'll recommend you to all my buddies for sure.    


Thank you again for that special day and we had a such wonderful time!!! You are so cool! So professional and so good on what you are doing!! You are the best fishing guide! We definitely would be back again with more family members. 

Have a great long Labor Day weekend!!!

Dr. He

Good Morning Mr. Parker,

I wanted to extend a heart felt thank you for giving my son a wonderful day of fishing!
Jarin cannot stop talking about how much fun he had. Me and my brother Todd have such amazing memories of fishing with our Paw Paw in Oklawaha Florida.
Seeing my son carrying on the tradition with my brother, Dad and Uncle is amazing!
The pictures as so great!

Again, thank you so very much for the memories!
We will be calling again.

Have a wonderful week, and we hope to see you soon.

Sincerly, Vickie

Hello Mark, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the trip last Sunday.

I was truly pleased with the service that you provide and must say that it was the best guided fishing trip that I have been on.

That was the first time that I felt like the guide's goal was for me to relax and have a good time. All the other times that I have been it was felt that the guide's goal was to see how fast we could catch our limit so that he could put us back on the dock and go home. I liked the fact that you fished right along with us.

You are a 1st Rate Guide and proved to me that you really do love to fish. I look forward to fishing with you again.

Thank You, Bryan


I guess that today was the day that, for years, you have hoped for - that just once you will hit everything just right. We certainly caught the stars in perfect alignment today. WOW! I think that the first cast produced a huge Hybrid for all of us and it just kept getting better! Just look at the pictures. Unbelievable.

We really appreciate your hospitality and your expertise in making this day, April 3, 2006 almost impossible to beat. Great company, great weather, great fishing, and all home safely.

Mack – Dallas, Texas
Roy – Cleveland, OH
Lloyd – Lavernia, Texas


We had a great time this morning, Jordan is still talking about it. Got the pictures just fine and they turned out awesome (nice camera).

You were fantastic and the best guide we've had in the 3 years we have used one. Thanks again for everything especially the special time I got to have with my son. We just got through eatin' a bunch a little while ago! See ya next time.


Thank you for the good time. Your Hard work put us on the Hot spots every time. On a scale 1-10, I rate it a 10.
We are looking forward to booking another trip with you soon.

Thanks for a great time Mark.

 I have paid several guides over the years, on both fresh water as well as fishing Texas bays.  Hands down, this was the best overall experience we have had.  We look forward to fishing with you again.


Albert Houpy

Mark -  Thank you so much for an awesome day. Today exceeded our expectation. We really appreciate everything you did for us today. We had so much fun and you are a wonderfully perfect guide. Thank you so much for the pictures! You took some great pictures.

I will definitely get in touch with you in December if my family comes to visit us from Malaysia.

Please let us know if you need us to write a testimonial for you on your website. 

Thank you again!

Anne and Ken

Hey mark ,

We had a great time yesterday. Filled the boat with great fish while making great memories on a day after a cold front Don't get better than that. Lookin forward to our next trip out to RC with Mark Parker

Thanks buddy

Steve, from Abilene Tx

I do not think my son and I have ever enjoyed a fishing trip more than the one we took with you, and we have been on a few. You made it a great day and my son had a wonderful time.
Thanks so much for your great attitude.

Hi Mark; 
Just a note to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip yesterday. Betty has been bugging me for years to take her crappie fishing, like we use to do often, when we were younger. We loved catching them again and were very impressed with you as a guide. Your knowledge of the lake was was so impressive. We are telling everyone about you as a guide and hope some of them will come and fish with you at some time. Bett says to tell you hi and she will see you again in October. We had a blast, even though my back was killing me.

Betty and Jim 
Thank you sincerely for a great trip and an even better birthday. I will absolutely be seeing you again, I don't think I have ever caught that many quality fish in that short of time ever! I also enjoyed the informative interactive atmosphere you provided. The only questions I have now are when can I come back and what else can we fish for?


Just wanted to say how much fun we had fishing with you on Aug 4th. I really appreciated you searching for the Sand Bass after we limited out on Hybrids (I love the top water action) and taking time to snap several pictures and emailing them.
You were great working with William (7yrs) and helping him. I know young kids can frustrating some times on a fishing trip.
Several years ago Dad went to Texoma with another guide. He was in a rush to catch a limit of Hybrids and go home. They were only out a couple of hours.
William had a great time. I usually like fishing all day long and was not sure about quitting at before noon. But it was the perfect amount of time for William and I did not go home totally exhausted and sun burned. So my wife was happy about that. She always asks why I can’t go fishing for only an hour or two instead of my all day trips.
Next time we are back in the TX area we will be out again with you.
I know Mom and Dad are talking about taking a crappie trip some time also.
Thanks for the GREAT fishing trip,



You are truly the BEST.. Max had a great time and Words can't describe how much fun I had learning, catching and enjoying your company. Your wisdom on your sport of fishing is outstanding and I feel very privileged to have met you and now share quality time with you learning some of it.......All it can do is just get better and better...Thanks again for everything you do for Max and Me, we appreciate all of it......... Have a great weekend and looking forward to the next trip............already........rod

Thanks so much for the pictures. And for a really fun day. This was everything I had hoped for as a good introduction for Drew--good weather, abit of fun going fast in the boat, and lots of--lots of--catchin'!! He was so excited about it.
I really appreciated the time you took to work with him, too. We all got to witness the birth of an angler today, and that's in large part because ofyou.
Deb had a great time, too. I am pushing her to get some of her girl buds together and come back, soon. Being on the water was very good mental
therapy for her.
We'll be back. Had some fish for dinner tonight and it was great. Nothing better than fresh fish, that you catch that day.
I have some friends that I'm going to tell about the secret of Richland-Chambers and your service.
Many, many thanks again for a terrific day.


Thanks so much for your comments and the pictures. You can be sure that we will be back.
Austin and Aaron, his little brother who was with us on our last trip with you but who could not make this one, had just had a striper trip at Texoma a few weeks ago with another well known guide. I want you to know that the contrast between you, that guide, and for that matter, all others that we have used is dramatic. In every way you, your equipment, your expertise, and your warm personality make fishing (and catching) with you a far superior experience in every way. As much as I enjoy it personally, your patience, help, and willing instruction with my grandsons makes each trip a pleasure for me and them. Especially was that important with Trent on this, his first fishing experience.
All that and limits every time, too. It doesn't get any better..
All my best,


Thanks again for another wonderful day fishingWe all had a blast and ate some of the fish last night.

I really wanted to tell you that we truly appreciate the way that you handled both whole trips.  Both times, you have treated the kids fantastically and made them feel like the day was about them.  These trips are going to be memories that Michael (for sure) will carry with him forever. You have assisted in the creating of a lifelong addiction for him and me.  The overall experience for them was just perfect.

We will make sure and come back and fish with you while we are visiting in DFW.  Hopefully, we can make it during Crappie season.

Thanks again and take care.
Jason & Fmaily

Hello Mark-

Thanks again for such a wonderful day  My father and I grew up fishing together and were accustom to going at least 2 or 3 times a month.  Over the years as my life has gotten busier and busier due to work, travel and distance we have been unable to fish like we use to when I was growing up.

This was the first time in over four years we have had an opportunity to focus on fishing and be together with just a lake and a fishing pole (one of my favorite things in life).   I think we picked a wonderful guide, on a wonderful lake and the company we were around was excellent!

I really appreciate everything you did to make the day so special.

I will see you in January, no doubt, to catch some of those big cats.



We had a fantastic time catching a boatload of fish
. It's not everyday we can keep our 14-year boys engaged in a father son trip. I must say, we pulled that one off and have memories that will stay with us a lifetime. Good times, see you again someday I'm sure.

Don Corley

Mr. Parker,

Thanks so much for the excellent day. I really believe my son has taken hold of this fishing experience and has it as one of his favorite hobbies in life. This has made a great impression on him, and I had fun too. Thanks again and we will return.

Mike & Dontea

Thanks for a great time!!! We all enjoyed it immensely and to have Andretta hook the biggest fish was another plus!
You run a great business and your ease in talking to and instructing us dummies is a credit to you and goes a long way. We'll be back again for sure and I'll be telling all my co-workers about Texas Guide Fishing.
Thanks for the compliments on the family. Yes, I think I'm lucky too.
I'll send the photos as soon as I get them back.
Best Regards,


We had a blast and everyone really enjoyed you, trip, fellowship and the list goes on and on...........You have gotten some more clients that will be scheduling some charters in the future.........

I will be working for the next couple of months on power plant outages............keep in touch and again thanks so much for taking the extra time with the boys and showing them what it is really about................

My Friend and fishing mentor , I appreciate everything and looking forward to the next trip.



Thanks for the pictures and for exactly the trip that I had in mind 
for Cody. He is a little shy sometimes but once we got home he opened 
up on what a good time he had. I think it is important that a child 
should have a really good experience on their first fishing trip and 
thanks to you he did.
My son, son-in-law and I had a great time also.
Thanks again,     Bill

Thanks so very much for a Great Trip! It made lots of good memories for all of us, especially for Sharon's Mother's Day.
Thanks Again, and we're looking forward to doing it again, and I am sure Roy will have some folks at his workplace that would enjoy a trip too.
Truman & Sharon

It was a great day and I think anyone who has spent much time freshwater fishing in Texas would admire your ability to find the fish and have everyone in the boat catch their limit by 11:00am! That alone speaks volumes for your guiding skills and then considering that you produced results like this in August is especially impressive. My boys had a great time and they are already putting together some pretty good stories about the trip.
We will certainly recommend you to our family and friends and we have every confidence that anyone who signs on for a trip with you will have a high quality fishing experience. This is the first guided trip we've been on and I'm thankful that your web site led us to setting up a day at Richland Chambers with you.
Thanks again for providing a first class fishing trip and we hope to schedule another one with you in the future,

Mark we want to thank you again...

You are so good with our grandson Matthew and with us as well..Thank you for a fun day and we will be seeing you again...

YOU ROCK;;;;and we will be telling every one we know about the trip with you and showing off all our picture...

Thank you the Baccus Family....OH and think you for letting Matthew call you MIKE....I hope he don't ever stop talking about his first fishing trip with MIKE...HA HA .....

Thank you, Mark. We had a great time and have already emailed our friend who
is interested in taking his son on a trip.

We appreciate all you did to make our trip a great one.

Have a blessed week ahead.

Bob, Rene' & Vanessa


Thank for the pictures.  I wanted to let you know that Crystal, Michael, and I had a great time yesterday.  This is going to be something Michael talks about forever.

We are going to do this again soon.

Crystal did eat some of that blue cat, and of the three different fish we caught yesterday that it was her favorite.  Must be the guide.
Thanks again and we will see you soon.


Thanks so much.  The trip exceeded my expectations and you are a great guide.  We had a wonderful time and will return.  Thanks again.


Hi Mark,

Thank you for spending time with us yesterday in the lake teaching us the ropes of fishing.  Dorothy and I had so much fun and bonding time together. We couldn't believe our eyes the many fish we caught.  You have been a wonderful professional guide. Thanks for the nice pictures too!

We surely will go back and see you guys in the near future and bring the rest of the family with us.

We wish you the best.


I just wanted to thank you for another great fishing trip today. My wife has commented more than once about how much fun she had. I knew she would love going fishing with you. It was loads of fun and your hospitality was again top shelf. Pulling in those white bass is always lots of fun and even though the big hybrid got away, it was so much fun fighting the big guy; he probably earned his freedom. Can't wait until the next trip.
Thanks again,

We had an awesome time and Diane and I both feel that we were blessed to have you as our guide!  Kent sure wanted to catch a big one but Phillip loves fishing more than Kent and it was very fitting that he caught the biggie.  Thank you so much!  We will certainly recommend you to all our friends as well as try to plan a future trip!
Take care,

Thank you for a great day fishing, and a wonderful opportunity for the boys to be together (Poppy, Daddy, Son & Captain) on the lake.
Thank you for your patience and understanding of what it's like to teach/take a 5-1/2 year old fishing. Caleb did great today (fish box boy) and my father-in-law, - - and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
We would love to go fishing with you again, and may you have many tight lines.
I will be glad to recommend you when to all my friends, and colleges. I hope (and Caleb has already prayed for you) that your thumb gets well soon.
Thanks again and God Bless

We had a blast. The pictures are great and the kids love seeing them on your website. The girls have never been in to fish like that before, Jesse reeled in his first fish ever, and Clarissa caught more in a few hours than she has her whole life.
Thanks again, and we'll be doing it again, for sure!

Mark,Thank you for making this Mother's Day (2008) one I will never forget. We had a wonderful time!! The pictures are awesome. Thank you for everything....(including helping us get the door unlocked when we locked the keys in the car:)


I just wanted to reiterate what a magnificent time Jon and I had on our trip of June 9. That was the first time Jon had ever caught a lot of fish at one time and I was happy he was able to do so. You made life very easy for us and I sincerely appreciate it. When it gets cooler in a few months, I would like to take my wife out on your boat so she can have the same type experience. She loves to fish.Thanks again,


Thank you Mark,
We did have a great time and thank you for such a great experience.  My family does love going fishing with you.

We will for sure reach out to you in the spring!
Take care,



Thanks so much for the pictures! They're great. And thanks again for an incredible time.
Better than I even hoped it would be, and even better on day 2 than on day 1, which I didn't think possible. I really appreciate it.

Thanks again!



Brian and I enjoyed the heck out of limiting out on the white bass, 
catching the hybrids, and just being out on the water on a gorgeous 
fall day.  Appreciate you thinking to bring us jackets, and we had a 
great experience from a professional guide
that will not be our last.  
Look forward to seeing you again soon.


Mark, I wanted to let you know that Deb and I had a blast and appreciate you taking the time to teach us and sharing your knowledge about the sport. We are hooked and are looking forward to going again very soon. Again, thank you for a great trip!

Enjoyed a great day of fishing! Thank you for your professionalism and a catch my father will always remember. He has been showing that picture off every chance he gets.
We will be back!
Thanks again,


Just to let you know again what a great time we had on Saturday. You are the king when it comes to finding the spot to fish. As you can see we didn’t waste any time getting some into the grease. We fed 12 people Saturday night and still have plenty of fish to last a while. Thanks again I look forward to booking another trip with you in the future.


It was a GREAT day for the family; we appreciate the nice trip (goodfishing) and really enjoyed meeting you!
Take care and we will see you soon!


Thank you so much for a fantastic day!  Attached are pics from my phone. This was by far my best day on RC in over 10 years fishing here!


Thanks for everything, Mark. We had a great time, and I recovered good by that evening. Then had a mess of fried fish…and a freezer full!
Yea just what we wanted,

Mark -Thanks for the pictures and thanks again for the great time out on the water. My dad and I have never caught sand bass and hybrids like that before, and we were happy to get into them in such a hurry. We'll likely be back in the fall to go after some Crappie with you.

Thanks Mark. Had a great time.
If anyone ever is 'on the fence' about hiring you as a guide, send them my way. It was a fantastic trip.


          Thanks Mark.
       Always a great trip with you. Can't tell you how much we respect and admire your work.


My dad and son went on a fishing trip with you last Friday, Gary and Teddy. They had an incredible time with you. Teddy was sooo excited when he got home to tell us all about his adventure with you. His conversation was filled with lots of exclamation points. Thank you for such a memorable trip for them. You helped create life long memories for them both. My dad said you could send some pics. We would love that.

Thank you again!!


Thanks again Mark for a wonderful day of fishing! Vasana and I thoroughly enjoyed our time on the water with you. We were happy that the fish made us work for it today because we really enjoyed the great views on the lake, as well as your knowledge and wisdom on how to adjust our technique to adapt to what the fish were doing. We will be booking with you again this fall to try for some cats as well as crappie!


Thanks for "putting us on the fish". We all enjoyed being with each other and doing a little fishing. Thank you for your patience with all of us.Mark is going to have a fish fry this weekend and I will probably share mine with my crew at the fire station sometime soon. It was a pretty lake.....I would like to come back and explore the area some more.

My husband and I enjoyed our fishing trip on 11/09/08. It was great! Everything was well organized and I didn't have to touch bait Worms and any creepy crawling things are totally out of the question for me. You really demonstrated your knowledge of fishing because we caught a lot of fish.
I will be a walking advertisement for you, suggesting to wives to give their husbands a fishing trip with Mark Parker, Texas Guide Fishing Service. See you again real soon...........................
Sincerely, JC and Kym

Hello Mark:
Thanks for a terrific fishing experience. Donna had never seen the sandies breaking nor fished a boil and I had never caught a hybrid before. So you provided several first times in one trip. We appreciated your effort in making this an unforgettable trip and we have the pictures to prove it. I’ve already sent photos of our catch and your web address to several family members and friends. I’m absolutely positive that the two hybrids that got away were at least 15 pounds each. We really had a great time and plan to see you in October.

Best regards,

Oscar & Donna

Hey Mark!

First let me thank you for the great fishing trip. The kids had a whale of a time and I knew you would put us on the fish despite trying conditions.

I really admire your ability!

Thanks for the wonderful time. My Son David and I had such a great time fishing with you. Thanks for all your help in getting a couple of rusty fishermen back on the water and catching fish. We look forward to fishing with you again! Once again thanks for the great time.

Hey There Mark:

We three anglers could never, ever be more pleased than we are with your excellent guide service, Mark and once again we wish to thank you for giving us your best effort at making our fishing trip an unforgettable event and one that will remain with us forever in our good-times memory banks. I believe you will be seeing more of we three Men of Granbury.

Chou for now, Mr. Parker.....


Hi Mark,

Thanks again for giving Andrew and I a great time together. He is a great son and you gave us both a fantastic memory to talk about in those times a Dad and Son tell off on each other.
I wish you the best always; you are a good person and fun to fish with to boot.
Tight Lines Always,

Kevin & Andrew

Hey Mark,

Thanks for a great Crappie trip. My son and I had a blast!!

I was wondering if you could add me to the email distribution list

so I can get copies of the current fishing report and pictures.

Thank again for everything (great trip),


Thanks for the pictures.  They will bring back good memories of a great fishing trip with my sons when I look at them. 
The boys had a great time and want to do it again sometime.  Thanks for your instruction and keeping us on the fish.
That was the easiest fishing trip I can remember.  I had a great time with my boys, caught lots of fish, have a bunch of fillets to eat and had plenty of time to relax when I got home.

Hi Mark,

It's Lloyd here. You know the fishing brothers expo last Sunday.

Thanks for making our trip really great. I told everyone at work how

successful it was and that we used you as the guide. Look forward to some more

quality time in your boat again in the future.



Thank you so much for our fishing fun today. Can't wait to come back. My husband hating fishing but today you got him hooked.

Thanks again Sent from my iPhone


As always, you are a true pro who puts his clients on fish. Thanks for the great trip, another lifetime memory, and freezer full of food. See you next time.



Just wanted to say thanks for another great day of fishing at Richland Chambers yesterday. My brother and I willl have a good memory for a long time and I think we have him hooked again on fishing. Enjoyed the ride in your new boat and again I learned more from your electronics expertise. Hope to fish with you again soon.

Thanks, Mark.

Hey Mark

We had a great time and really enjoyed the trip ~ although rather short and limited on my part, But, not a better way to get away from work and enjoy some needed fishing time and time to visit my brother. He mentioned several times just how much he enjoyed & appreciated the trip. Made me feel good that it was a doable & successful adventure.

Your pictures arrived just fine on this end and they were a hoot to see. Thanks for taking the time to check up on them.

Take care, and again, thanks for all the help and the positive experience.


Juanita and I had a great time last weekend.
We enjoyed catching our limits on the Sand Bass.
Also, we learned a lot from you about how to fish for Sand Bass.

You are truly a Great Fisherman!
Thank you,

Mark -
THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE EXPERIENCE!!! The pictures are great and so was the fishing. We truly enjoyed it and are checking our calendars for next time. We will definately call you to get hooked up.
Thanks again!

Thanks Mark. We really enjoyed the day! The kids keep asking when we're fishing again.

Take care,



We really enjoyed the day. My father-in-law had an absolutely great time.

We will call you next time!!


Yeah we all had a great time and we'll do it again. Drop me a line from

time to time on how good the fishing is getting. I'd like to catch some more

of those barn door crappie. I know David and I are up for some striper

fishing this fall.

Look forward to hearing from you. - - -- AL;-)

Have to hand it to you Mark. What a great adventure for our first guided fishing trip. I’ll have to send the pictures to Jose.

Thanks again.



The boys and I had an awesome time fishing with you today! What a great day!

Take care!



Thanks for the good time and the pictures. We had a great time and cooked up some of the fish on Saturday night while camping at Fairfield. Does notget any better than that.
We loved the experience and will definitely be back.

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